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exports travel through the pipelines that go through ukraine, so how is energy factoring in this equation? >> it's vital. we're being aggressive because we don't depend on russian energy, where as the germans, this is a big debate. maybe this is a positive thing that the russians depend on a trade with europe and why putin's backing off now, or does it make the europeans dependent on russia? >> it's fot really an option for russia to stop the exports. that would be self defeating economically. >> true, but we were talking earlier, on monday the russian stock market lost $70 billion, at the same time, vladimir putin spent $50 billion on the sochi olympics, so i think it's the economic costs making it pause now. >> at some point it's got to have enough of an impact on the russian economy that he's sitting up and taking notice. >> yes, that's why the u.s. is pushing harder for economic sanctions. i think the economic issues make him pause. he's unlikely to push further into ukraine with his troops, but if he feels he's going to lose his warm water port in crimea, which this is all about, he
discounting natural gas energy supplies to ukrainement chris? >> andrea mitchell, thanks so much for that update. i want to bring in "the huffington post" political reporter amanda terkel and josh krashaar. how do they hope that john kerry's visit and this new $1 billion aid package might change the equation? >> well, i think that the obama administration wants to show right now as much support as it can from ukraine, while like andrea was saying, providing this off-ramp for russia if it does sort of want to dial down the crisis. what the white house hopes is that russia would accept the offer of sending international monitors to ensure the safety and rights of the russian speaking population in ukraine, but so far russia hasn't indicated it's interested in doing that. right now they are getting support from republicans and democrats, so there is a lot of support for moving swiftly and approving this aid package that the white house is asking for. >> swiftly on that, but as we just heard from senator john mccain, josh, some criticism, as well, for the overall administration polic
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2